We are the sons & daughters of a revolution deeply rooted in antiquity, morals, and class. We are driven by steam & our desire to ever evolve ourselves into the adventurers & mechanically-inclined 'punks' of our era. We are in the golden age of the Victorian dynasty. We are resourceful, strong-willed, brave, and confident. We are Steampunk Nashville. We are united by our cause.


Back from our Hiatus

Dear lovely followers of Steampunk Nashville:

I am so sorry for the lack of posting during our hiatus. Personal life interrupted our flow of things. I became pregnant & had a wonderful son 6 months ago. After having him, both myself and my partner (another Admin of Steampunk Nashville) have come to the agreement that we should get the group active once again.

This being said, we are currently gearing up for Dragon*Con so nothing will be happening immediately. However come September we are hoping to host a meeting & have a local Steampunk author speak. We are also planning to host some other events throughout the rest of the year.

If you have any questions or comments please feel free to leave a message on here or find us on facebook!


First Official Meeting Minutes


  • Set up a LARP, designate who will be Story-tellers & how to have our LARP take place in the same Universe/Era as the Memphis Steampunk group to allow future cross-overs.
  • Create a mission statement for the group
  • Organize workshops for makeup/cosplay or pattern design/prop-making from professionals
  • Organize “Craft Nights” for the prop-makers/modders in the group
  • Set up Scavenging Hunts where as a group we will go in search of items we could use for modding/prop-making/costuming
  • Set up a Community Prop/Costume Bank
  • Design flyers/cards to hand out to prospective members/interested parties at general events (Figure out who can promote the group at Cons)
  • Gauge reaction & attempt to organize Steampunk Caroling around Nashville (Wassailing) 
  • Find a more accessible & open venue to hold meetings & determine where we will hold workshops


  • Group involvement in community/charity work around Nashville 
  • Determine our involvement/promotion around Cons/General Events
  • Organize screenings of Steampunk movies
  • Host casual additional meetups around town at Steampunk locations or local bars (Potlucks/Tea Parties/ Picnics/Etc.)
  • Make ties around the community to get our group involved (local concerts/shows, events, trips to the theatre, etc. in conjunction with attempting to tie ourselves to local businesses)
  • ABNEY PARK!! (Pardon Anthony here) (it wasn’t me, you didn’t see me do it, can’t prove a thing)
  • Work with Geoff (Clockwork Mechanalists in Memphis) about working together at the Memphis Comics & Fantasy Com (November 2012)  & possibly working with the group at ShadowCon
  • Theatre/Film/Photography Projects (Determine our Press Policy)


some of these cuffs and that they’re asking for is pretty steep but i like them, might try my hand at them. seem like a type of thing that you can experiment with.

(Source: the-miss-of-two-worlds)


I do not like steampunk. But some of their styles….Do want.


I do not like steampunk. But some of their styles….Do want.